What is a bachelor in computer science degree?

If you are driven by technology, math-oriented and are inclined towards computers then a Bachelor of Computer Science may be the right path for you.

A Bachelor in Computer Science degree can lead students to a range of rewarding and prosperous careers. In addition to playing a vital role in our every day lives, computers and digital technologies are important components across all industries in today’s day and age. The demand in technology has created an increase in the need for qualified computer science professionals. Graduates with a Bachelor in Computer Science meet those demands by offering technological expertise.

The Bachelor in Computer Science degree equips students with the required skills and knowledge to program languages and operating systems; analyze algorithms and data structures, and learn to design and utilize computation tools to solve emerging technological and communication problems. Students learn through coursework, group projects, capstone projects, hands-on experience, and field experience.

A typical undergraduate degree in computer science takes approximately four years to complete. Before deciding the school or program, it is essential that you consider a few of the following factors:

  1. the reputation of the institution
  2. the job placement rate of graduates
  3. the amount of financial assistance available to international undergraduate students
  4. the program course-work and faculty

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from an internationally respected university abroad is highly valued by employers and gives students the chance to secure a position in a good company.