ICQ for eductaion

Using ICQ for education – a wise idea

ICQ for eductaionICQ, moniker for “I seek you,” is a worldwide chat system or a program that enables users to page others who are available online. The downloaded program will notify you when your friends are online after which you can engage with each other through paging, internet calls and chatting. It is technically a search engine that finds and displays a list of users who are online at a particular time. This system has currently over 160 million users spread across 245 countries since its establishment in November 1996. The software has revolutionized instant messaging and has now found numerous application in the education domain. Here are some of the benefits of using ICQ for education.

ICQ usage in education

ICQ offers students a space where they can interact on the fly with their colleagues and tutors in and out of school. This is beneficial when it comes to consulting with each other on academic research activities. Here, users can use chat, sending SMS messages or even transfer academic files to one another. ICQ gives teachers and students a tool for obtaining instant feedback concerning a particular assignment in an e-learning environment. Indeed, using ICQ for education has greatly enhanced student-teacher interaction. The technological capabilities of ICQ are amazing since it boosts the necessary multimedia features that allow for smooth audio-visual interaction. Nowadays, ICQ can be installed on smartphones so that you do not miss out on an important group discussion. The convenience of ICQ is immense since it also incorporates different global languages. As if that is not enough, ICQ has offline messaging, emoticons, multi-user chats and multiplayer games. The newly launched search engine for universities, SchoolApply recommends ICQ for educational purposes.

Using the program made easier

After installing ICQ, you have to register with the program to be given your own personal account from which you can log in and access ICQ services. The registration process is to totally free and very straightforward. When using ICQ, remember to keep your conversations private and courteous. It is also important to note that while you can interact with new friends online, it is good to take some time and concentrate on friendships that are not centered on the internet. That being said, ICQ can be a very powerful educational resource when used correctly.