The Rise and Fall of ICQ

You needn’t be lonely with chatrooms. They are split into categories so that you find one that interests you. Some are essentially for teens, others for children, others for males or females only and some for over 50s and so on. Sometimes these chat rooms require authorization for you to join them. With ICQ you get free chat and video calls so you can keep in touch with whoever you want. There was a time when ICQ was one of the most popular chatrooms, but since MSN Messenger, one has to wonder why so many thousands of ICQ users preferred to switch to it.

Integrated with Social Networks

The rise and fall of ICQ saw ICQ being upgraded. The ICQ 7 and ICQ 8 version has a quick installation process, allowing you to import contacts from the like of G-mail, Windows, and Facebook among others. Once installed, the program plays its characteristic siren and then displays a colorful interface which can be customized according to your preference. The main function in ICQ are the text chats. Some of the advantages of ICQ which contributed to its rise are the quick and easy installation, its integration with social networks and the plenty of animations and smileys.

The Good and the Bad

ICQ has seen many people look elsewhere. This is in spite of ICQ working on new versions so that they can match some of their main competitors. Its recently upgraded to ICQ v8 for Windows with some essential features such as email, wireless-pager messages and much more. Video chats have also been included in this latest version of ICQ and to give credit where it is due, the program has superb video image quality. People complain that the video chat appears in a separate window from the text chat. Some of the disadvantages of ICQ is that social networks also have to first be arranged on the program’s website.