iCQ for Windows 8

For those that would love to have this program on their Windows operating system, you can easily have it downloaded and installed in a few minutes. The program allows you to enjoy audio and video calls with free messaging across the globe. Other awesome new features include people search, smilies, easy to use touch interface, messaging, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, the ability to share files, videos, and photos, and SMS is completely free.

Installation of ICQ for Windows 8

  • First you must install the installer
  • Then just double click the file and it will launch
  • There will be a warning as with all programs you install on your computer
  • Once you ve1280px-Flickr_-_boellstiftung_-_Laptop_auf_dem_Schoßrify the publisher’s name all you have to do is click the run button.
  • You will need to do a bit of some of the information prior to the program installed including choosing the language, decide if you desire the publisher to be your home page, decide if you want the publishers search engine to be your default, and if you want to create an icon on the desktop, browser window or a fast launch bar.
  • If you choose the publisher as your homepage as soon as you open your browser you will be browsing the internet from their homepage. If you choose the publisher for your default search engine, then, of course, this means that you will use their search engine instead of others such as Google. The browser if you choose the publishers will be sputnik and it will also have to be installed
  • Once you have made all of the above decisions all you have to do is click the button that says next.
  • The program will begin to automatically install once you hit the next button.
  • All done! Now, you can enjoy all the features that ICQ offers for Windows 8.