ICQ for Mobile Phones

ICQ for your mobile phone is pretty close to the same as for iOS when it comes to installation. You will get all the same features that you have on your computer such as send instant messages, receive instant messages, change your personal status, be able to manage your personal contact list, and update all of your messages.

If you are concerned about the sound notifications you will receive, you have the ability to choose the sounds. All you have to do is log in your ICQ account, go to options, next ICQ, then Settings where you will find Play Sounds. You can cLE-AA385_WORKLI_J_20141023155134hoose from playing a sound every time you get a new message, play a sound when someone on your contact list comes online, and play a sound when ICQ sends information.

You will enjoy being able to type right in the chat box on your mobile phone, as well as the option to add, block, or delete a contact. This can be done by going to your options, and choosing add and then ICQ contact. From here you can add, delete or block without any hassles.

If you are worried if ICQ will work with your mobile phone in most cases it will work with most of the new phones as long as your mobile does not have a black and white screen it should work. Some manufacturers that do not support ICQ are Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia. When you receive the download link you will receive a message on your mobile phone does not support ICQ.

ICQ does not charge at all for installation, but in some cases if you use your web browser some charges may apply. You should learn more about costs from your mobile phone supplier just to make sure that you are not surprised at any costs that may happen.