Criticism of ICQ

It may be hard to believe that some people have criticized ICQ for various reasons. Jeffrey Carr a security analyst stated that using ICQ could cause serious security problems mainly due to the ownership of ICQ by the Digital Sky Technologies which is a Russian investment company. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the trend for using ICQ is not as popular as it once was: however, it is still very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Carr explained that due to this new ownership it could be used by Russia’s secret service which was at one time known as the KGB as similar to American law, Russian law demands that ICQ has to pen all their logs at any time they are asked. This sicq_dribbbleame worry is also with most instant messaging systems including AIM, Skype, and others.

It would be in your best interest before using ICQ is to read all privacy and copyright information. In 2011, ICQ placed their privacy policy on the website that explains that once you place information on ICQ you are giving away all of your rights including copyright to the company ICQ Inc. This allows the company to distribute and publish any of the messages that are sent using the program even though most content is sent privately to specific users.

Any information that you placed in a public area is also accessible not only to ICQ but third parties that also use ICQ. You should be very careful as to what you place on ICQ, including your profile, message boards, blogs, forums, or any other services that are provided by ICQ.

As with any program you may wish to use on the internet you should always read their terms and conditions as well as their privacy information. You may believe that you and the person you are sending messages to will only be seen you and the other person, but in many cases, this may not be the case.