4 Reasons ICQ is a Popular IM Tool at Universities

Studies have shown that university students crave entertainment, relaxation, and fashion. The tool, ICQ, is a fabulous resource for students because it offers all of these qualities. As of late, ICQ has become more and more fashionable amongst university students, and this is pushing its popularity through the roof. The stress of college can often become overwhelming for students and being able to connect quickly and easily with their peers helps to relieve this stress and provide relaxation for many students. Further to this, the offer of games within the tool provides entertainment for students in their downtime at the University.

shutterstock_177674015Sociability and Connection

If you are going overseas for your further education studies, you may feel worried that you will lose contact with your loved ones at home. However, if you utilise the power of ICQ, you can stay in touch with everyone and also make new friends at your university. If you are still considering going overseas for your education, try www.schoolapply.com. This fantastic website allows you to choose a school that is perfect for you based on your specific criteria. Use this site to pick your school and feel secure in the fact that you can stay connected using ICQ wherever in the world you choose to go and study.

People Go Where Others Go.

When you ask society why they moved away from ICQ, the majority of people will tell you it was because their friends did. That’s the thing with social media and instant messaging; you have to go where the people go. For university students that are on a budget and don’t always have the funds for phone credit and data allowance, ICQ is a sure thing. Students get the benefits of feeling connected and cheap entertainment. Since ICQ has once again started being the go to IM tool there has been a big increase in its use in universities, which of course facilitates more use; people go where others go!